• Explore Our Cutting-Edge Machinery

    • Vectus Laser: High-Volume Hair Removal

      • Proven accuracy in targeting hair follicles.
      • Swift sessions for time-saving convenience.
      • Uniform beam for reliable results.
      • Enhanced patient satisfaction.
      • Maximizing treatment effectiveness.
      • Ensuring secure, personalized settings.
    • Fraxis-Duo CO2 and Micro - Needling RF

      • CO2 laser + Micro-Needling RF for scar removal & photo-aging.
      • CO2 fractional laser delivers superficial stimulation.
      • Micro-Needling RF provides heating to deep dermal layers.
      • Effective on all skin types with maximum adaptability.
      • Evening skin tone for a radiant complexion.
      • Provides Deep-Level profound skin tightening.
    • ULFIT: For a Younger, Slimmer You

      • Targets collagen depletion.
      • Focused ultrasound energy tightens skin.
      • Triggers new collagen production.
      • Achieve tighter, firmer skin.
      • MFU MicroFocused Ultrasound
      • Targets multiple dermal layers.
      • Delivers continuous treatment motion.
    • Vaginal Laser: Fast, Effecient, Simple

      • Increase vaginal tightness and improves sexual satisfaction
      • Enhances the sensitivity of vagina
      • Tones and restores the strength and elasticity of vaginal wall
      • Reduces urinary leakage
    • VelaShape 3 : Mastering Body Treatments

      • Cellulite treatment
      • Body shaping
      • Fat burning
      • Body Tighteing
      • Body Slimming
    • Venusian CO2 Therapy

      • Cellulite treatment
      • Carbon therapy
      • Dark Eyes
      • Fine wrinkles
    • Vectus: Laser Hair Removal

      • Pain free treatment
      • No burns
      • Guaranteed Results
      • For all skin types
    • Hydra Beauty: Facial Treatment

      • Cleansing
      • Wrinkles
      • Whiteing
      • Oily Skin
      • Acne
  • Abdominoplasty

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  • Body Contouring

    Body contouring surgery removes sagging skin and extra fat, and improves the shape and tone of underlying tissue.

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  • Fat filling procedure

    Also known as Fat Transferring or grafting. These terms refer to the process of taking fat from several areas of your body and injecting it into the target site.

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